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Our yoga organization (abym) is a place dedicated to promoting physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga. We offer a variety of classes suitable for individuals of all ages and levels of experience. Our experienced and certified instructors create a welcoming and inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and supported throughout their yoga journey. We believe in the power of yoga to improve flexibility, strength, and overall fitness, while also facilitating mindfulness and stress reduction. Whether you are a beginner looking to explore the benefits of yoga or an advanced practitioner seeking to deepen your practice, our organization is here to guide and inspire you. Join us and discover the transformative effects of yoga on your body, mind, and soul.

Akhil Bharatiya Yoga Mahasangh
Akhil Bharatiya Yoga Mahasangh

Our mission

We are deeply committed to our mission of promoting physical and mental well-being, financial independence, and freedom from negative and distorted thinking through the practice of yoga. Our goal is to help individuals achieve optimal health and happiness by providing them with the tools and guidance needed to cultivate a strong mind-body connection. By emphasizing the importance of physical exercise, mindfulness, and positive thinking, we strive to empower people to take control of their lives and break free from the constraints of societal norms. Through our yoga programs, we aim to create a community of individuals who support and uplift each other on their journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. Together, we can transform not only our own lives but also the world around us.

Our vision

The main aim of the trust would be to impart the practical and functional training of Astang Yog, Raj Yog, Dhayan Yog, Hath Yog, Ashan and Prananyam etc. as received from the ancient tradition propounded by the Rishies and Munis to make an end of extreme sufferings to cure diseases and to receive a calm stage of mind and extreme happiness.

  • To construct the building etc. for boarding and lodging for those who are interested in Yog training and meditation.

  • To organize yoga camps in the country and abroad in order to propagate the yoga training and the Vedic dharma.

  • To open and establish charitable hospitals for the treatment of the helpless poor out caste and also to distribute free medicines, cloths and food articles in the trible areas.

  • To furnish and equip the charitable hospital with modern medical facilities.

  • To carry out research on yoga, ayurved and Vedic literature and also to organize scholarly seminars and competitions.

  • To prepare and to sale and purchase of the Ayurvedic medicines for the charitable hospitals, hospitals colleges, schools and for the social and Yogic activities of the trust.

  • To make an arrangement for the study of the Veds, the Geeta, the Philosophy, the Upnishadas, Grammer and Yogic scriptures for character building moral cultural upliftment.

  • To prepare missionaries and facilitate them and sensitizes people for uprooting jealousy, hate, evils, injustice, tyranny and heavenly this on earth by keeping above the communalism, castism and the feeling of sex, creed.

  • To run the free educational centers and to facilitate the worthy poor helpless orphans students by providing clothes, food, study materials and lodging.

  • To establish and run a stables for the poor cows to save them from the victimization and killings.

  • To carry out researches or agani hotra and perform scientific yajnas in order to solve the serious problem of environmental pollution of the modern age.

  • To give award and certificates to the trainees who undertake weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually Yog and Acupressure training.

  • To help and co-operate the relief activities related to flood, earthquake, epidemic drought etc.

  • To co-operate other such institutions and organizations which match or aims and objectives, and order to fulfill these aims and objectives to accept the donating of money, land etc.

Founder & President

Brief introduction of the founder and president of the organization:

Yoga Guru Rakesh Bhardwaj ji, founder and president of Akhil Bharatiya Yoga Mahasangh, has been working in the field of yoga for the last 24 years and has organized more than 2000 yoga camps, workshops, seminars and yoga competitions at the national and international level.

Along with this, he has also written three books on yoga, which include the importance of yoga in student life, Yoga Sanjeevani and Surya Namaskar Ek Divya Sadhna.

Yoga Guru Rakesh Bhardwaj ji has also cured thousands of patients through yoga, whether they are cancer patients or heart patients.

Along with this, he has also established Akhil Bharatiya Yoga Mahasangh to organize yoga teachers of the whole of India, which is active in about 22 states of the country. Along with this, Yoga Book of Records Company has been started by him, which only registers yoga world records in the world and till now more than 400 yoga world records have been registered in the record book. And his organization also conducts many courses of yoga. So that people are realizing the concept of self-reliant India by becoming yoga teachers. Along with this, he is also running Yoga News 24 channel which is dedicated only to yoga news.

Mr. Rakesh Bhardwaj

Founder & President (Yoga Specialist)

Mr. Rakesh Bhardwaj  Founder & President  (Yoga Specialist)
Mr. Rakesh Bhardwaj  Founder & President  (Yoga Specialist)